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Supermarkets Wine Stocks Are Running Low…

Supermarkets, shops and off-licences could soon run out of wine and beer after pubs, bars and restaurants close across the nation, and an unprecedented demand for alcohol to get people through the Covid-19 lock down drives stockpiling and bulk buying.

Shoppers have already been greeted with empty shelves in many areas as customers stockpiled from Friday 20th March, after the government announced the closure of all pubs, bars and restaurant. This has left many people without wonderful wine.

Majestic Wine’s website crashed as shoppers inundated the retailer with orders for cases of red and white to get them through the isolation of a shutdown, and we have already seen Naked Wines stop taking orders due to low stock.

It leads to worry that the country could soon run out of wine with importers prioritising food and other essentials over wine, spirits and beer… But look no further, we still have plenty of stock to go round and are still delivering direct to your door with one day delivery available!

Get stocked at the weekend – Speak to us today to find out more about our one off boxes and on going wine subscription services.


Xmas feature – first look

I’m totally pumped about this. I can’t wait to bring it out properly, although if you watch the insta stories you’ll already have some idea.

I completely missed Christmas last year which sucked. It wasn’t really in my control and I was gutted. This year I’m making up for it and coming in hot.

So I’m working on the feature, which is intended to be about gift giving but will also have something for the people who’ll be entertaining over Christmas and wanna break out some awesome stuff.

Releasing this week. Get ready.

100 days – update

It’s been 27 days now, with only 2 (planned) exceptions. Can’t remember the first one, the second was an 18th.

Overall, my skin has improved, my sleep quality (not duration) has improved, my fitness (and ability to train harder) and my resting heart rate have improved too – it’s great.

The impact is so large because of how much and regularly I’ve been drinking over the last 12 months or more. The compound impact of it makes a difference all around.

That’s why responsible drinking is so important.

The big time health stuff that the doctors and health pro’s talk about is important, but it’s the day to day issues that can affect the most people in the most regular way.

Even though I’m selling wine, I’m promoting responsible drinking.

You don’t have to have a bottle of wine a night – that’s probably not a good idea really. You can enjoy a good bottle of wine a couple of times a week maybe, rather than a poor bottle every night.

Generally speaking I drink spirits and wine – gin and whisky are my go to drinks but vodka can make its way into the mix too. It’s very rare I drink a beer/lager really. I think a lot of people are becoming the same.

The price points appear to be merging a little, so it’s maybe just as easy to buy a bottle of gin as it is a box of beers. Then a couple of gins per night and it soon racks up.

I want to try and encourage everyone to drink more responsibly, whether you drink our wine or not.

I’ll keep the updates coming as we go.

See ya. x

Quitting drinking for 100 days

If you follow our Instagram then you’ll have seen a lot of me talking about quitting drinking for 100 days. I actually stopped in 31/8/19.

A bunch of people have said “but you run a wine business” and that’s exactly the point.

I’ve quit drinking thanks to my self awareness. I realised I’ve been putting myself under a lot of pressure recently and coping (at least in part) with a fairly large alcohol intake, which really doesn’t help at all and isn’t great for short or long term health.

I also want to promote responsible drinking. Yes, I run a wine business, but that doesn’t mean I want to promote unhealthy habits. I’m a slave to my impulses, readers of this may or may not be. I want to be clear that it’s not all about balancing your social events around alcohol. That’s not healthy either.

I also want to take better care of my body. I train a lot. It’s harder with alcohol especially when it’s compounded over days and weeks, so I’m focusing on getting back into great shape during these 100 days. You’ve only got one body that carries you around for your entire life so looking after it is important.

I’m keeping everyone on insta updated daily via the MORNING COFFEE vlogs I do, but I’ll also be posting regular updates here so please check them out.

Love x


I’ve started vlogging during my morning coffees, mainly for IGTV but also putting them up on our YouTube channel.

I’d love for you to take a look.

How do you regulate your drinking?

As a business selling wine, this might not seem like the normal thing to talk about, but it’s actually something quite important.

We’ve all seen the warnings about drinking in moderation, but that’s an instruction, do we need to go deeper?

Now more than ever I see drinking as part of the entertainment, with friends or family. It isn’t always the kinds of wine we sell – it could be beers or spirits etc – but it’s always a loose part of the fun. No one seems to get really drunk and it doesn’t get out of hand.

Yeah in the summer the frequency increases a little because of the weather, the BBQs etc, but mostly it’s fairly relaxed.

But I wonder where that blurs. Not where it becomes a problem, before that, when drinking becomes the entertainment.

I don’t want to rant or lecture in this post, or cast and aspersions, just ask the question in a responsible way.

Commentary on: ARMADOR

This is an interesting one.

An organic Carmenère from Chile which has, in my opinion, 2 huge cannons that fire almost simultaneously.

It’s very fruity up front (with plenty of depth too) but with a huge taste of liquorice which was a little overwhelming for my taste. My friend, who loves liquorice really quite liked the wine – so there’s that subjectivity again…

It’s well made, packed full of ripe dark fruit and is complex in the other flavours that are packed in.

The 2016 (pictures) was 86% Carmenère and 14% Malbec

The maker

This one is quite close to home for me given my own maritime roots.

Dan Odfjell, a member of the Odfjell ship owning family from Norway started the vineyard where they believe strongly in sustainability.

Their website states “In the bygone days of sailing ships, wine was the drink of choice on long voyages. Today Dan Odfjell, a norwegian shipowner, perpetuates his legacy by making wines to sail from Chile across the seven seas”

Our opinion

Sadly, not one of my favourite wines. I enjoyed the punchy flavours and the complexity of some of the underlying elements and really appreciated the story, brand and craftsmanship behind this wine, but because I’m not a liquorice fan it really put me off so I wouldn’t drink it again. That does not detract from how well made and fantastic this wine is, but if you don’t like liquorice then it might not be for you.

If you’re wondering about the relevance of the skateboard in the shot – I’m a skateboarder and have been since I was young. Mischief was the local independent skate store run by Bingo (google him) who sadly passed some years ago. We’re trying to represent him in a lot of what we do as an independent business from Teesside. You can also see the iconic Transporter Bridge, which is a prominent Teesside landmark on the board graphic.


Now, I’ve seen some pictures of this floating around on social media in the last week or two, so I decided I’d talk about this amazing red at the next opportunity.

This was the first red on my organic/natural wine journey way back in the heat wave of 2018 and it’s everything that I talk about all rolled into one.

Firstly I was nervous, as it’s a mix of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

It’s made as a natural, organic and biodynamic wine and just classes as low sulphite.

It is easily the best red I’ve tasted so far. So fruity with a medium body and mega fresh.

The maker

The site was born at the end of the 80s with a focus on minimal intervention. In fact, the philosophy of Angiolino Maule is on their website for all to see.

Our opinion

Fresh, fruity, easy to drink. Could easily be a summer wine as much as it could be a winter one on a cold night. I could imagine it going well with any social situation, any meal, any time of day. It really is fantastic and so authentic.

Steve’s scale

Best red I’ve had. No question.

If you’re wondering about the relevance of the skateboard in the shot – I’m a skateboarder and have been since I was young. Mischief was the local independent skate store run by Bingo (google him) who sadly passed some years ago. We’re trying to represent him in a lot of what we do as an independent business from Teesside. You can also see the iconic Transporter Bridge, which is a prominent Teesside landmark on the board graphic.

Summer Feature – single box available (no subscription)

I just put a specific order form up (via the button) on the feature page so it’s a bit easier to navigate.

I’m pumped about the summer feature and picked the wines on Friday. I’m going to post about them next week so you know what you’re going to get.

It’s the first time we’re making a single box available to everyone. It’s a bit of a trail for us since we’re really a subscription business but it’s all in aid of summer fun.

Seriously, these wines are going to be awesome for drinking in the sun while you’re chilling in the garden, bbq-ing or whatever else it is that you’re in to.

Have a good weekend everyone. Bring the house down.