Street team

It’s of vital importance to us that we build a brand that our customers can trust and introduce to their friends and family confidently.

We want everyone to share the word about what we’re doing, but only when it’s grounded in them having had a stunning experience with us. Nothing less than that can be acceptable.

We provide a service and a product.

The wines we sell have characteristics as a collective and individually that speak for themselves. They’re also so subjective.

Our service however is our constant point of difference.

The street team allows us to incubate that service proposition, develop it, add to it and test it in order to constantly be iterating greatness.

That’s why we’re allowing our street team members access to a bunch of things that customers can’t get right now. That includes custom boxes; one off deliveries and much more.

We’ll also be bringing a bunch of free, and heavily discounted items out for our street team to help create the environment and allow us to grow it.

Finally, as a street team member you can give a 10% discount to anyone you want to, and once you’ve referred 2 paying customers you get 10% discount for life (excluding already discounted items via the street team). You can also use your street team membership to order samplers to try with your friends.

For now, the street team is invite only – but if you want to register your interest then fill in the contact form and we’ll start a conversation.