Men’s Health Week: Enjoy a Red Wine Guilt Free

Theres’s often argument over the health benefits of red wine, and we suggest drinking in moderation, so the health outweighs any other effects, however a quality organic red wine is jam-packed with antioxidants and inflammatory properties. These benefits come down to the concentration of polyphenols, particularly one called resveratrol, which can be found in the skin of grapes.

This week is Men’s Health Week 15-21st June and we want to talk about what part wine can play in that, in moderation of course!

Resveratrol is a plant compound that acts like an antioxidant. The top food sources include red wine, grapes, some berries and peanuts.

This compound tends to be concentrated mostly in the skins and seeds of grapes and berries. These parts of the grape are included in the fermentation of red wine, hence its particularly high concentration of resveratrol.

Red wine can do wonders for your mood, and science suggests it can be great for your heartyour brain, and your muscles, too. Some research suggests that red wine even has cancer-fighting properties.

So before you feel guilty about enjoying a glass of your favourite tipple, bare in mind that there are some positive health benefits to drinking red wine!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy! 🍷

Life’s too short to drink bad wine!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! Hope everyone is keeping well in lockdown and staying in positive spirits.

During lockdown we’ve had several conversations with people around wine quality. With lockdown in place its increasingly more difficult to get hold of particular wines in shops and supermarkets you might usually enjoy, supermarkets aren’t offering discounts like they used to and some have found they just aren’t receiving quality on the amounts they are spending with some of the wine they are getting delivered from some online wine merchants.

One Day Wednesday has a bit of a different approach to our wine curating to help you get the very best wine at a great package price.

Specialising in natural, organic and biodynamic wines, we offer some of the best wines the world has to offer that have been created by fellow wine lovers with passion, care and creativity.

We want to make your wine experience personal, offering you not only some of the best quality wine around, but we also speak directly with you to ensure we put a package together that suits your tastes and needs.

We are passionate about our customers and our wines, and we love making fantastic pairings that will keep you satisfied through the lockdown period.

Want to know more about our wines, make a one off order or learn about the subscriptions we have to offer? We would love to speak with you and get you some great wine delivered just in time for you to enjoy over the next May Bank Holiday if you missed out this time!

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On Wednesdays, we drink wine!

Did you know it’s actually been proven by researchers in Australia that a Wednesday is the best day of the week for having a glass of wine? It’s been said that enjoying a hump day glass of wine can help relax you and help you to celebrate and reward yourself for getting over the bulk of the working week.

Most people are opening their bottle of “Wednesday Wine” at 6:35PM, and this is happening more often than not at home, not in pubs and bars, and that was before lock down. With lock down in place at the moment, what’s stopping you enjoying a mid afternoon glass in the sun whilst you work from your laptop in the garden? Don’t let quarantine stop you enjoying yourself or taking pleasure from the little things!

We curate some fantastic selections of organic and natural wines perfect for a Wednesday wine tipple or any day of the week for that matter and deliver safely direct to your front door. Now the sun is out, we are currently working on a fantastic Summer Selection box which will compromise of hand-picked white and rosé wines, ideal for summer.

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Easter lockdown in full swing, don’t run out of wine!

Easter weekend us usually a great time to eat, drink wine and socialise but things are a little different this year! With lockdown in full swing, it may not be the usual celebration but that shouldn’t stop us from having a little tipple and enjoying ourselves in the spring weather.

Did you stock up on wine ahead of the Easter weekend? Wine sales have increased massively with lockdown and it’s becoming increasingly hard to get hold of some of our favourite wines off the shelf on an essentials trip to the supermarket.

This is a great opportunity to be trying something a little different. We promose you won’t be disappointed by some of our beautiful natural and organic wines selected from all over the world to accompany that Easter Sunday dinner, or perhaps just go with your takeaway pizza and enjoy in your comfiest pair of joggers.

Lockdown is challenging at the best of times without the addition of the Easter holidays creeping up, bored children at home and the stress of trying to juggle this with home working! We feel the pain, so why not treat yourself this Easter and give yourself something to look forward to in the evening!

If you would like to find out more about our carefully curated wine selections please check our our product pages or alternatively you can speak with us through WhatsApp through the link on our homepage.

Happy Easter everyone! There’s never been a better time to order yourself a box of wine!

Launching our new branding!

We love bringing positivity into the World, all be it through wine, socialising (from a distance) or giving you some exciting news. Today we have exciting news… It’s Wednesday, Its the first of a new month, and it’s about time we launched our new branding!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve and develop the brand look and feel for One Day Wednesday Wine to showcase a bit more of what we are about. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Along with this we are gradually making improvements to our website functionality, our process and the information we deliver to you, our wine lovers, on a day to day basis. Please do make sure you check the website out, as well as following and interacting with us on social media, every little helps.

Got any questions about our wine subscriptions or how it works? Don’t hesistate to get in touch with us through the form on our homepage or through our WhatsApp on 07525122543. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the posts, videos and great content we will be releasing over the next few months!

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Supermarkets Wine Stocks Are Running Low…

Supermarkets, shops and off-licences could soon run out of wine and beer after pubs, bars and restaurants close across the nation, and an unprecedented demand for alcohol to get people through the Covid-19 lock down drives stockpiling and bulk buying.

Shoppers have already been greeted with empty shelves in many areas as customers stockpiled from Friday 20th March, after the government announced the closure of all pubs, bars and restaurant. This has left many people without wonderful wine.

Majestic Wine’s website crashed as shoppers inundated the retailer with orders for cases of red and white to get them through the isolation of a shutdown, and we have already seen Naked Wines stop taking orders due to low stock.

It leads to worry that the country could soon run out of wine with importers prioritising food and other essentials over wine, spirits and beer… But look no further, we still have plenty of stock to go round and are still delivering direct to your door with one day delivery available!

Get stocked at the weekend – Speak to us today to find out more about our one off boxes and on going wine subscription services.