On Wednesdays, we drink wine!

Did you know it’s actually been proven by researchers in Australia that a Wednesday is the best day of the week for having a glass of wine? It’s been said that enjoying a hump day glass of wine can help relax you and help you to celebrate and reward yourself for getting over the bulk of the working week.

Most people are opening their bottle of “Wednesday Wine” at 6:35PM, and this is happening more often than not at home, not in pubs and bars, and that was before lock down. With lock down in place at the moment, what’s stopping you enjoying a mid afternoon glass in the sun whilst you work from your laptop in the garden? Don’t let quarantine stop you enjoying yourself or taking pleasure from the little things!

We curate some fantastic selections of organic and natural wines perfect for a Wednesday wine tipple or any day of the week for that matter and deliver safely direct to your front door. Now the sun is out, we are currently working on a fantastic Summer Selection box which will compromise of hand-picked white and rosé wines, ideal for summer.

Want to find out more about our wine packages? head to our product page now, or alternatively chat to us on our WhatsApp!

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