Wine is PART of the entertainment

This is something I’ve been saying for a while, and sometimes is taken out of context.

I’m a big believer that wine is an amazing addition to any social situation, and can be a part of the entertainment.

Cracking open a bottle of something new, or someone’s favourite can be amazing. Equally so if there’s something that’s not to everyone’s taste, like this.

But drinking wine is just part of the entertainment. It might be accompanied by food, music, TV, a film, karaoke – anything.

You’ll have seen me posting about serious wine with takeaway pizza. It’s all part of the fun.

It’s when wine is trying to be the main event that the whole thing falls down. I’m not a believer that wine is there for getting you drunk.

Sometimes that’s a happy outcome, but I don’t really believe that should be the goal when opening a bottle of wine.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Wine is PART of the entertainment

  1. There’s a great social aspect to “sharing” a bottle of wine. Just like sharing the dishes of food. Something people in the UK don’t do enough of. For example, here in Spain, amongst my social circle, it’s rare someone orders a dish for themselves. We all share. The same with wine. It brings people together as you come to an agreement about what to order based on the options available.


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