Now, I’ve seen some pictures of this floating around on social media in the last week or two, so I decided I’d talk about this amazing red at the next opportunity.

This was the first red on my organic/natural wine journey way back in the heat wave of 2018 and it’s everything that I talk about all rolled into one.

Firstly I was nervous, as it’s a mix of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

It’s made as a natural, organic and biodynamic wine and just classes as low sulphite.

It is easily the best red I’ve tasted so far. So fruity with a medium body and mega fresh.

The maker

The site was born at the end of the 80s with a focus on minimal intervention. In fact, the philosophy of Angiolino Maule is on their website for all to see.

Our opinion

Fresh, fruity, easy to drink. Could easily be a summer wine as much as it could be a winter one on a cold night. I could imagine it going well with any social situation, any meal, any time of day. It really is fantastic and so authentic.

Steve’s scale

Best red I’ve had. No question.

If you’re wondering about the relevance of the skateboard in the shot – I’m a skateboarder and have been since I was young. Mischief was the local independent skate store run by Bingo (google him) who sadly passed some years ago. We’re trying to represent him in a lot of what we do as an independent business from Teesside. You can also see the iconic Transporter Bridge, which is a prominent Teesside landmark on the board graphic.

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