Launching our street team

So pumped about our street team launch – please join?

So happy to be finally launching our street team. The video says it all, but if you don’t have 4 minutes spare to listen to me waffle on, then please let me make it simple for you here.

I’ve always loved street teams from my time in a band as a youngster and I wanted it to fit into One Day Wednesday.

Basically, it’s free to join, and as a member you’ll get great stuff. It’s not fixed and will be released at random, but it’s fixed around:-

  • discounts for you
  • discounts for your friends and family
  • ability for street team members to customise their own orders
  • Early access to our featured products
  • Samples

Basically, as much stuff as we can give you to make you and your friends/family happy and get you to talk about us more.

I’m also thinking about putting together a text message/whatsapp service to improve our offering – feedback would be great.

Contact me to join!

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