Orange wine.

I shared this bottle with some friends. One liked it, and found it quite refreshing, the other hated the idea of orange wine. I liked it too, and I’d go back.

It was introduced to me as an “entry level” orange wine, so I want to explore some of the quirkier stuff next time around.

The maker

We don’t actually have that much info on these guys, but it’s easily google-able.

Our opinion

Tasty with some interesting notes, like ginger!

Steve’s scale

N/A – I haven’t consumed enough orange wine. Not a bad place to start though.

If you’re wondering about the relevance of the skateboard in the shot – I’m a skateboarder and have been since I was young. Mischief was the local independent skate store run by Bingo (google him) who sadly passed some years ago. We’re trying to represent him in a lot of what we do as an independent business from Teesside. You can also see the iconic Transporter Bridge, which is a prominent Teesside landmark on the board graphic.

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