Natural & Organic Wines
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One Day Wednesday is a natural, organic and bio-dynamic wine subscription service, for customers across the UK.

We curate boxes of wine, usually low or no added sulphites, offering you the best quality and delivering them to your door monthly.

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Established in 2019, there are lots of things that make our wine stand out from the crowd, not least the taste and quality. Our wine selections are generally produced in much smaller batches and therefore more rare to come by than a lot of wines you’ll have experienced before.

Here at One Day Wednesday, we curate subscription boxes to help you experience new wines. Initially, you’ll receive a suprise selection of wine. This will to allow you to try what we have to offer, and help break down potential biases. But, once you’ve had a taste, we want you to get involved with us to curate orders specifically for you. Whether that’s to help you entertain guests, drink at home with your family or experience new flavours.

Organic wines are generally lower in sulphites than normal wine, but we tend to focus on wines that are lower still – known as “low sulphite” or “no added sulphite” which are usually around 50% less sulphites than the organic threshold.

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